About Mélanie

Pronounced (May-lah-nee)


Aloha. As one of five children of a schoolteacher and a US Navy chief, I was raised on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and have lived in California, Guam, Connecticut, Rhode Island, South Carolina, New Jersey, and Arizona, until settling in Pennsylvania. With my unique background and over thirty years in the travel industry, I was born into this business.

Need help with your travel plans? I can take care of your vacation getaways from A to Z–airline, airport transfers, bed-and-breakfasts, Broadway shows, cruise, fun activities, hotels, limos, motor coach, railway, rental cars, restaurants...you name it! Leave the work to me so that you can enjoy your leisure time.

I welcome all customers (old/young, black/white, straight/gay, able/differently abled). "Love is love," my grandma used to say.

When I am not helping people create priceless memories, I am involved in projects for the community. It's the aloha way.


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