• Melanie Samoy-Lutz

3 Ways to Fly Through Security

Wanna get through security at the airport faster? The secret is to pick the right line!

Follow these 3 rules:

  1. Look at the people in line. Choose the line with the most business travelers. These people have airport security clearance down to a fine art. While you’re standing in line behind them, watch what they do, and learn from them.

  2. Many business travelers are already pre-screened with TSA in the United States. So, if you don’t see a lineup with business travelers, then at least avoid - at all costs - lineups with families (especially families with small children).

  3. This one is gold, and the most important of these tips. Look at the agents and choose the lineup with only one agent at the x-ray machine. If there’s more than one person, chances are one of them is a trainee and this line is going to crawl.

Once you’ve chosen the right lineup, then it’s important to be on the ball with your liquids easily accessible in a Ziploc bag, your laptop and other electronics pulled out, and easy-to-remove shoes and belt.

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